Before dressing
After dressing

Photo credit: kennel Pinifarinas


The upper third of the ear is needed to cut short from inside and outside with thinning scissors or a shaver, so that the ear looks low placed and do not extend the head. The bottom line of ear coat is necessary leveling with scissors to maintain the contour solid.


Redundant hairs on the face and around the mouth, which keep from elegant appearance of the dog, is needed to clear away using thinning scissors or a shaver.


Died hair on top of the head is necessary clear away with a trimming knife or hand. All line changes between the head, ears, neck should cover with thinning scissors.


Hair on the neck should be cleared away using a shaver or thinning scissors as far as the thoracic bone that dress area represents from the front the shape of the letter V. Line changes between short and long hair on the forechest are cleared away with thinning scissors.


Died hair is cleared away with fingers or a trimming knife on the neck, the back and loins, so that hair is smooth and tight and has healthy shiny colour. Trimming is good doing before bathing of the dog that hair is not slipping and can be caught better. The dog is trimmed when any redundant hair does not stay between fingers and the back represents tight top line of the body.


Redundant hair from the bottom side of paws and between fingers is cleared away using scissors. Other hair on paws is cut into the shape of cat paw with scissors that the paw looks like closed.

Shoulders and front limbs

Redundant hair on schoulders is trimmed like on the back and line changes between long hair on the chest and short hair on the neck are cleared away with thinning scissors in order to emphasize the chest, the forechest and the angulation of front limbs.

Bottom line of long hair on the chest is dressed only using scissors to one line.

Long hair on the back side of front limbs is dressed with scissors into the curve like the continuation of bottom line of the body.

Hind limbs

Redundant hair on loins and other line changes are cleared away using fingers and thinning scissors.

Paws of hind limbs are cut like front one into the shape of cat paw. Apart from this back side is cut short till hock in order to emphasize the angulation of hind limbs.

All top line of the dog from the chest until hind limbs is united than with scissors. Long hair on thighs is dressed into the curve.


Rectum area is cut short using thinning scissors or a shaver that the dog looks shorter. Other line changes are cleared away with thinning scissors. The bottom line of the tail is dressed with scissors and leveled till its tip. Around the first 10 cm from the tail root are cut short.

Top line

Bottom line