Specialty Show Kolíňany 8. 6. 2008

Specialty Show KOLÍŇANY – 8. 6. 2008

Judge: Viera Vítková, SK

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Date 8. 6.2008 – The new formed COCKER SPANIEL CLUB Slovakia organized its first Special Show.
37 English Cockers from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary registered at the beginning.

The Special Show took place for the first time out of exhibition area, on the football field in Kolíňany, about 12 km away from Nitra. It had a very pleasant, family character, did not miss the hunting goulash from wild boar, beer, a lot of rewards and cups for dogs.

All present confirmed that CSC began a pleasant tradition of special Shows.

Probably no one was found leaving this nice event disappointed. And it is important what we should be the goal – especially fun and pleasant friendly meetings. 

A big thank you goes especially to Marek Solčanský who had the largest share in the successfully organized event, but also to other members of the show committee.

Thank you also to sponsors of the whole event:

  • Mr. Petr Studeník – kennel Black Petrs donated the cup to the winner of the Special Show BOB
  • Municipal Office Kolíňany provided the football field free of charge
  • Mr. Rudolf Petrovský provided rich refreshment for everyone
  • Mrs. Jana Lančaričová provided rewards for dogs
  • Greenfish sponsored rewards for exhibitors and their champions
  • The show was also sponsored by Kontura and SPZ