Specialty Show Kolíňany 7.6.2009

Specialty Show Kolíňany – 7. 6. 2009

Judge: Miloš Kašpar/CZ

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The second Special Show CockerSpaniel Club Slovakia took traditionally place at football field in Kolíňany near Nitra. The municipal office in Kolíňany takes care of the playground, the green grass was freshly mowed what suited to our presenting cockers. After all, a large number of them entered the Special Show – a total of 45 English Cockers from 4 countries. Except local representation of dogs from Slovak owners, there were a large number of Cockers from Czech Republic, but friends from Hungary and Austria also came to support the show.

Experienced judge from Czech Republic, Mr. Miloš Kašpar judged the show. He cared about his judgment. After judging each dog on the table and in movement, he highlighted the pros and pointed out the shortcoming of the individual for whole audience (and often with his own wallachian humor). His strict but fair judgment of the dogs was appreciated by all.
After the end of the Special Show when the title BOB got the bitch from Czech breeding SONIQUE SCHONEZ, breeder and owner Zoja Schonigerová, took place the ceremonial evaluation and rewarding of the competition Cocker of the year 2008.

The pleasant atmosphere was also contributed to by the weather, which was kind to us this year, a buffet in which the aroma of sausage was mixed with the aroma of coffee. Lots of sociable interviews, whether it was a long-term cocker breeder or a full beginner – everyone had a great time with each other.

Rewards were prepared for big motivation for all competitors – on the one hand, a number of cups of various sizes and especially bags and sacks with the popular Greenfish granules from our main sponsor, ROTEC, s.r.o.

… Extract from e-mail received from Czech friends the day after the show:

„It was great!!! Really calm without rivalry, we did not feel as tense there as at the IS. You really prepared it great. Thanks for the great atmosphere and actually for the whole show, it was nice there.“

Many thanks to Mr. Marek Solčanský for excellent organization of the whole show (many thanks also to his brother Štefan who took care about us during Marek´s absence at the show). The selfless work of the other members of the committee should also be highlighted. Acknowledgments belong to the judge Mr. Miloš Kašpar for his correct judging of dogs.

Big THANK YOU belongs to the event sponsors:

  • ROTEC, s.r.o., exclusive importer of food GREENFISH – MAIN SPONSOR
  • Municipal office Kolíňany provided the football field free of charge
  • Mr. Miroslav Búda donated toys for children
  • KONTURA, s.r.o. provided the printing of the catalogs
  • The judge Mr. Miloš Kašpar gave a beautiful cut glass cup for the winner of SS
  • Michal Schoniger and Jana Lančaričová provided photos for the website
  • ILANA, s.r.o., the owner of e-shop www.zoozoo.sk donated rewards for the evaluation of the Cocker of the year 2008.