Club Handling Training 2021

On a sunny autumn day, we met with our dogs in the training indoor dog hall Rose Speedlight Dog Camp in Pezinok. Puppies, young dogs, adult dogs and veterans met in the show ring. We could all try working in an imitated show ring and train our dog in a peaceful atmosphere. Long-time handler Mykola Nevrev shared his experience with us and with his individual approach each of us, whether a more or less experienced exhibitor, could certainly find room for improvement and learned something new. They were all very handy.

After active training, we moved hungry to the County Saloon restaurant in Senec in Slnečné jazerá. We spent Saturday afternoon in the friendly and kind atmosphere of our club members with an excellent meal. We all enjoyed it. We all enjoyed it.

We believe that we will be able to organize many similar club events.